Rapid modernization of legacy tools and processes with positive ROI

Make your IT platforms, applications and processes fit for the future while optimizing operating costs

Why it pays off to modernize processes and legacy IT systems

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Examples for a migration of legacy systems are Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, IT applications or intranet applications. Modernizing or optimizing such old legacy systems or manual, inefficient or paper-based processes almost always leads to an increase in efficiency. A platform change pays off for most customers through a positive ROI, increased security and enhanced compatibility. Make your IT fit for the future. 

New technical solutions and mobile application

Jeder redet von Digitalisierung oder Digitaler Transformation. Oft sind Prozesse,  Legacy Systeme oder Applikationen jedoch nicht bereit neue Technologien zu integrieren und deren Potential zu nutzen. Durch eine Migration alter Legacy Systeme, Applikationen oder gesamter Intranets werden diese «responsive» oder Mobile-ready und können schnell und einfach Cloud- und Online-Dienste oder andere interne Systeme integrieren.

React quickly to changes thanks to agility

IT modernization is not only about technology. today's business areas place high demands on the speed and flexibility of processes and IT systems in order to be able to react quickly to market changes. by migrating or replacing legacy systems, the development, provision and operation of systems is extremely accelerated and made more flexible, as agile methods such as Scrum can be applied very easily.

Challenges and Solutions

Many companies have similar challenges in the provision of IT services. some of them are listed below. what is often not known, however, is the entrepreneurial potential of digital change, such as a switch to modern platforms. despite high initial costs, you will benefit from a positive ROI in the medium to long term.

The complexity and lack of compatibility of legacy systems often causes unnecessary operating costs in companies, but in times when compatibility with online services and IT security is becoming increasingly important, adjustments or extensions of legacy systems are very costly and result in high deployment costs.

today's business requirements pose new challenges for IT to be able to react quickly to market changes. technical integration with online services or individually customized solutions are just a few examples. the problem: necessary changes can often not be realized in a timely manner due to old, inflexible legacy systems or lack of resources. however, with new solutions such as a low-code platform, this would be possible within a very short time.

Many companies work with legacy systems such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access or old intranet and web technologies. In addition, many business processes are still manual or based on forms or paper. Their migration to modern technologies offers unimagined potential. However, companies are hesitant to implement them, as they often lack internal capacities or know-how. Modernization would still be possible with a low-code platform.

Application Examples

Intranet solutions

Every customer has different requirements for intranet solutions or applications, but with a low-code platform, your own requirements can be implemented exactly as required and also allow, for example, the connection of external providers or online services.

Individual CRM

Develop a multichannel CRM according to your individual requirements: In contrast to legacy systems, processes can be changed easily and quickly.

Internet customer portal

The possibilities are many and varied. build a customer portal or digitize your supplier management. you will benefit from closer contact and better monitoring of processes.

Process automation

Digitize manual and time-consuming processes The possibilities for implementation are manifold and often lead to better control or monitoring in addition to better quality.

Individual ERP

Build an ERP that is designed to meet your specific needs, and its high flexibility means that the system can be quickly adapted with little effort.

IoT Management Portal

IoT devices must be integrated into existing business processes, and modern platforms provide the necessary flexibility and technology.

eBook: Successful Lotus Notes replacement

Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a report on how to successfully replace Lotus Notes using OutSystems' low-code platform in five steps.

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