KPI Dashboards for IOT, Management, Business, etc.

Visualize business processes and important key figures using modern portal software, as a website or iPad/iPhone app

Why use a dashboard?

Tablet and smartphone dashboards give decision makers and employees on the go access to real-time information about the company's performance. This type of dashboard is particularly useful for executives who need information in seconds, regardless of where they are.

KPI Examples for Business & Management Dashboards

Marketing & Sales

Gain insight into your sales figures, performance per country or division, sales figures, target achievement (YTD), sales growth, number of new customers.


Visualize current issues, availability, efficiency, utilization, productivity, volume, downtime, returned products by reason.


Productivity, overtime, absences, training and development costs, recruitment costs, fluctuation rate, share of part-time positions.


Keep an eye on all important key figures, such as inventory, storage costs, average delivery time, delivery accuracy, transport and delivery costs, IOT sensors.

IT, Service & Support

See the number of support requests, the ratio of open to resolved issues, the level of customer satisfaction or 
Ø response times.

Project Management

Keep track of open or completed tasks, time, costs, progress, degree of completion or resource utilization at all times.

quality management

Number of defective items, % scrap, downtime, data quality, audits, overview of Measures and Vimprovement of qualityReasons for complaints.

General Management

Control and monitor relevant key figures at any time such as sales target, profitability, return on investment, profitability, share price, risk management.

What is the difference and your added value?

Build your own holistic portal, including websites, mobile apps, and of course KPI dashboards, using portal software, while reducing development costs and time-to-market.
Datalynx helps you analyze data to transform it into visible insights in the form of KPI dashboards. Create your own dashboards for your portal with all the ad hoc analysis you need. 

Whether you're a corporate, SMB or small business - benefit from Datalynx to develop a portal as access to your KPI dashboards and distribute the knowledge across all devices. You can access your management dashboard from anywhere and to any device, PC, iPad, iPhone and more.
The best applications for your business are always those that are fully tailored to the individual needs of your users, your business and the industry.

Gain more control through visualization

Our approach:
Low code development

High flexibility and short development times are a major competitive advantage in today's work environment and an essential factor in digital transformation, which is why Datalynx has chosen to partner with one of the leading low-code platforms.

More than a Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence solutions give you a good insight into your data, but our approach goes beyond that. 

All-in-one: Websites, Dashboards and Apps

Holistic and flexible business, management and customer portal

Datalynx: Your competent partner

We are convinced that low-code development creates many advantages and enables you to provide the best possible apps and IT solutions for your business and your customers. Datalynx has a lot of experience especially in the field of multinational companies. Tell us which data you want to visualize and we will show you tailor-made solutions and make you fit for the digital transformation. We see ourselves as problem solvers.

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