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In all important areas of Pharma and BioTech, we can develop customized solutions with you. Whether it's compliance, personnel, drug development, business support or sales, marketing and service, every area can be digitized in a short time and made more efficient by quickly and efficiently developing and implementing mobile apps and solutions.


Datalynx has a wealth of experience, particularly in the fields of Pharmatech and biotechnology. Go through the anamnesis with us and we will show you tailor-made solutions and prepare you for the digital transformation. We see ourselves as a pharmaceutical consulting company and problem solver.

digital business and digitalization strategy

Digital solutions for all areas in the company


Digitize and streamline the workflow for Registration, Evaluation, Authentication and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Datalynx helps to digitize Pharmacovigilance processes.

Business Support

Develop a business performance dashboard as a web or mobile app, implement a PharmOps seller portal or digitize the management of your suppliers.

R&D of drugs

Discover new ways to develop medicines, digitize clinical trial management, blood sample tracking and verification, and many more opportunities at Pharmatech.

Sales & Marketing

Build a multichannel CRM solution tailored to your specific pharmaceutical and biotech needs, implement a mobile or web-based CRM for the medical community, and optimize sales.

Personnel / HR

Use digital processes to on-board your employees, track project times or evaluate performance. Datalynx will be happy to advise you on other ways to digitise your human resources management.

customer service

Digitize call center processes or help patients and physicians to find out about therapies, for example via a customer or patient portal or your own app.

We advise you holistically and advance your digitization.

Datalynx has years of experience in regulated industries, optimizing every area from drug development to marketing and sales.

application examples

An international pharmaceutical company, a leader in biopharmaceuticals with 1,000 employees in 28 countries, wants to improve access to the global performance evaluation system by automating the process as a self-service web application and integrating it into its existing HR system within a very short time. The project was implemented in a total of 14 weeks, significantly reducing development time and administrative time to perform evaluation-related tasks. Read the full case study (in English)

Digitize customer relationship management processes tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Track factors that influence physicians when prescribing drugs. Help your sales, sales figures and competitive comparisons to be digitally accessible. You can digitize sales performance in many ways. We make it possible for you to order drugs with one click via a mobile app, for example.
Keep track of all key business metrics at all times

We support the development process of pharmaceuticals, e.g. by automating the monitoring of blood reserves and their dispatch; project management, technical workflow and a clinic portal are other areas of application to support you; online and real-time laboratory monitoring for customers and technicians advance your development; input, monitoring and management of projects and experiments via mobile apps and web applications; Datalynx has years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotech research; we are your partner for process optimization in the pharmaceutical industry. Read the OutSystems Case Study

Visualize key information and critical KPIs for management and business in dashboards

Our Approach: Low-Code Development

At Datalynx, as a pharmaceutical consulting company, we are familiar with regulated markets. We can help you digitize your processes in an advisory capacity and, as a next step, develop a solution that is tailored to your company and your needs in the industry.

High flexibility and short development times are a major competitive advantage and an essential factor in digital transformation in today's work environment. We believe that low code development creates these benefits and enables you to deliver the best possible apps and IT solutions for your business and your customers, which is why Datalynx has partnered with one of the leading low code platforms to learn more about the benefits of low code development and the OutSystems platform.

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