What is low code?

A low-code development platform (LCDP) for developing apps represents a technology that allows apps (Web App & Mobile App) or complete enterprise applications to be developed by configuring functions rather than programming the functions themselves. Developing with a low-code platform reduces manual programming and accelerates the roll-out of applications. LCDPs also reduce the initial costs for set-up, training and commissioning.

According to studies by Forrester and Gartner, OutSystems is the leading low-code development platform.

Further low-code advantages at a glance

Faster Time-to-Market

Respond quickly to ever-changing market requirements, develop solutions extremely quickly and get them online with one click.

High Security

Web applications and mobile apps are protected at all times and equipped with the latest security functions.

Good user experience

Create beautiful native mobile experiences and easy-to-use user interfaces that your customers will thank you for.

Individual Scalability

The provision takes place either in your own data center or via a cloud platform. We advise you on scalability but you decide for yourself.

Business Process Optimization

Business processes can be quickly integrated into solutions or completely digitized. Even subsequent adjustments pose no problem.

Easy Integration

Existing systems can continue to be used. Simply connect new solutions to any system or to external data sources.

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How can low code help?

Unser Partner OutSystems veröffentlichte ein Handbuch, welches Unternehmen vom Anfang bis zum Ende der digitalen Transformation unterstützt. Erreicht wird dies durch eine neue Methode zur Gründung einer auf LowCode basierenden digitalen Fabrik. Fordern Sie jetzt gleich eine Kopie des Handbuchs mit dem Titel „Die Digitale Transformation: Playbook für die Gründungsphase» an, um einen detaillierten Überblick über die einzelnen Schritte zu erhalten.

The focus is on three concepts that form the core of every digital transformation initiative: use cases for digital transformation, a framework for change, and the individual stages of the digital journey.

What is OutSystems?

Since 2001, OutSystems® has been used by companies in over 22 industries worldwide as a low-code platform to deliver customized enterprise applications that integrate into existing system environments and communicate with users via extremely user-friendly mobile and web-based interfaces, while accelerating the development process.

Datalynx is your competent OutSystems partner in Germany and Switzerland.

Customer opinions

"Complete replacement of a legacy portal in three months."
"One of the most transformative products for technology-dependent business."
"Faster development without compromising quality."
"The best low-code platform on the market."

A low-code platform supports you in the implementation of your digitization strategy and brings many advantages for the development of web applications and mobile apps.

Advantages of the low-code platform


Develop your apps visually and incredibly fast and bring them live with one click.


Easily connect your apps to any system and external data sources.


Extend your web or mobile apps, if necessary, simply with your own source code.

user experience

Easily deliver beautiful native mobile experiences and easy-to-use web apps.

Safety and security

Your Web & Mobile Apps are automatically equipped with the latest security functions from design to deployment.


Your apps will perform regardless of the number of users, complexity, or volume of data.


Automated delivery of your apps via a cloud platform or in your own data center.


Real-time performance dashboards to ensure a good user experience over time.

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